Amir’s Story (not his real name and not real picture)

Having fled conscription by the Taliban in 2003, Amir has exhausted all legal avenues for seeking Asylum and now is destitute.

When Amir first came to Justice First his distress was palpable. As a deserter, Amir fears for his life if forced to return to Afghanistan. He accepts destitution as the only option left to him. Justice First offers Amir vital Trauma Therapy. Under the care of Alan Brice of the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture, Amir is learning to manage flashbacks that threaten to overwhelm him.

Justice First provides welfare support £5 a week and a bag of food. Amir finds his position of need deeply humiliating. Justice First has helped meet the cost of tracing his fiancée who he feared was dead. In 2008 the Red Cross finally brought Amir the good news that she was alive. Whilst this positive outcome has relieved Amir of some of his darkest fears, he is tormented by his inability to help her.

Justice first continues to explore every avenue to ensure a humanitarian outcome for this gentle young man, whose only wrong was to avoid being forced to harm others.

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