Fundraising and Cost

Our Costs

Justice First  has now been in existence for over 7 years and considerable experience of immigration issues is present on our Board of Trustees. Furthermore, our project manager Kath Sainsbury is a proven practitioner working with people seeking asylum support while our range of contacts with interested people and organisations in the Tees Valley is also extensive. This makes it possible for us to develop, through voluntary assistance, the legal and welfare services we have described in this website.

Justice First is able to increase its case work and reduce its costs due to the contribution of 12 volunteers whose work is invaluable.

Annual Report 2013

Our Strategy for Raising the Funds we Need

In the longer term, the success of Justice First in meeting the needs of people seeking asylum will depend upon our standing within our own community and on the willingness of local people to endorse our work. There is much latent sympathy for the plight of people seeking asylum, but if the public are to sustain us with regular contributions, they will expect more than good intentions from Justice First. They will look to see a model of best practice established in the Tees Valley from which other agencies in the North East can benefit. Without question, a body of popular support will take many months to build up. This is why we are starting now to seek gifts from individuals, in our area and beyond, at the same time as we ask grant making institutions to support us.

Individual supporters can contribute by:

A personal gift

If you are a UK tax payer, then we can claim an extra 25% on the face value of your gift from HM Revenue and Customs at no additional cost to you. Simply make your cheque payable to ‘Justice First’ and we will send you a Gift Aid Declaration to sign and return to us. This is among the simplest government forms ever devised. Please also consider supporting us by a monthly standing order. The same Gift Aid benefits will apply.

A legacy

We would be delighted if you decide to remember us in your will. Please let us know if you would like guidance on how to give effect to your intentions and we will put you in touch with the necessary professional advice.

Transfer of assets

If you would like to support us by a transfer of assets or shares, or indeed by any other method, we would be delighted to make the necessary forms and advice available to you.

Corporate supporters can contribute by:

A company gift

Gift Aid benefits, comparable to those for individual donors, are also available on most gifts made by UK companies.

How to contact us:

  • Barbara Hungin
  • Chair
  • Justice First Limited
  • 135 Norton Road
  • Stockton-On-Tees
  • TS18 2BG
  • Tel: 01642 601122
  • Fax: 01642 601109
  • Email: Solafa@justicefirst.org.uk

Please make cheques payable to Justice First Limited.

All gifts will be most gratefully received and will be personally acknowledged.

For further information please contact us at: Solafa@justicefirst.org.uk