This is why they need our help. Not to invade our country, take our jobs, greed our benefits.....THIS is why...... https://www.facebook.com/lieghf/posts/10208516125446237

Hard at it this week. A "conference" in the Dales discussing and planning for our Justice First future vision. #thenext10years

Rehumanising the migrant crisis: excellent short book by Emma Jane Kirby based on a true story. Well worth a read.

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A huge thank you to everyone who came along to our 10th birthday celebration and for all of your support, hard work and encouragement - we couldn't have survived (or thrived) over the years without you! Great photos Elvis Katoto:)

Happy Birthday to us 🎉🎉🎉

Just a few from our fabulous fundraiser last night. Heartfelt thanks to all who attended and to Preston Hall for their beautiful venue! Seeing the Bonvoy family together after ten years torn apart makes it all worth while 😘