What We Do

Justice First is a Charitable Company limited by guarantee No.5762730; Charity Registration No. 1116388 We have been established since May 2006 to provide two related forms of service within the Tees Valley.

We help people in the Tees Valley, who are seeking asylum in the United Kingdom and whose appeals have been rejected, to re-engage with the legal system.

We provide humanitarian aid for those who do not, at present, qualify for support from the State.

By focusing our efforts on the relatively small geographical area of the Tees Valley, Justice First plans to work within its capacity, adopting measures from other parts of North East and Northern England while also developing our own solutions to the very difficult problems which asylum generates.

For us, transparency is a guiding principle: our purpose is not only to assist the many people who need our support, but also to provide a framework of responses, open to examination, through which we can share good practice.

In our Board of nine Trustees, Justice First brings together a spectrum of competencies in the immigration field. One of our Trustees has refugee status, having successfully applied for admission to reside in Britain. Our Trustees contribute to medical, nursing, community and legal skills, many of these acquired in furtherance of the interests of those seeking asylum.

Our Chair is Barbara Hungin, who is also the chair of the Diocesan Justice and Peace commission.  Our treasurer is Mike Tomlin and the Hon. Secretary is John Fletcher.  A short profile of each Trustee and of our founding Members is available in the ‘who-we-are’ section.

Justice First has two employees, one full and one part time. Our Project Manager is Kath Sainsbury who has extensive experience in humanitarian support for those seeking asylum and in the vital work of re-connecting them  to the legal process. She is also involved with the Mary Thompson Fund and the North East Coalition for Asylum Rights.

Solafa Eltom is our project worker.

Our auditors are Messrs. S.V. Bye of Guisbrough and our solicitors are Tilly Bailey & Irvine of Wynyard.

Justice First is in its 8th year, having raised the necessary funds for survival from Grant Making Trusts, Stockton Mayoral Charity and from local churches, schools and individuals. (A list of supporters of Justice First can be provided.)

The purpose of this website is to do five things:

  • To summarise the operation of British law and welfare as it affects people seeking asylum today. Current provisions are widely misunderstood, giving rise to uninformed opinions and ‘solutions’.
  • To spell out our work in helping our Clients re-engage with the legal process.
  • To specify our humanitarian support for our Clients and their families.
  • To ask for your help in meeting our operational costs.
  • To ask for your help in meeting our on-going operational costs.
  • To explain our long term funding strategy.

We ask for your support