Josiah’s Story (not his real name)

Josiah fled Guinea in January 2004 after being tortured by the authorities. On arrival in Britain he was dispersed to Blackburn. He was refused asylum and his subsequent appeal was dismissed. At this point all material support from the National Asylum Support Service was terminated and he was evicted from his home. Josiah made his way to Stockton-on-Tees, the home of the only friend he had in the UK. His friend directed him to a voluntary sector support organisation where he was given the following help:

He was put in touch with a church organisation which provided free accommodation. He was also introduced to a local charity which provided material help on a weekly basis. He was assisted, by a case worker, to prepare a summary of his circumstances. This was sent to a local solicitor and resulted in the case being re-opened. The case worker arranged for Josiah to see a GP who specialises in medico-legal reports . A report was prepared and presented in evidence, since the abuse Josiah suffered has left him in constant pain and in need of surgery.

Josiah was later able to assist the charity which had helped him by working as a part time volunteer in one of its charity shops.

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